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    Whether you're making a new homebrew digital watch or you need a countdown timer for your old doomsday project, the Grove - 4 Digit Display is the perfect module for you!

    Normally, to get a 4 digit display, you would have to sacrifice at least 12 precious I/O pins from your Arduino, but with this module, you'll only need 2 pins! The module has an onboard TM1637 chip that handles all of the heavy lifting, freeing up resources for your project. Just hook the display up to one of the ports on your Grove Sensor Shield and you'll be ready to go!

    From the wiki page below, you can download the libraries and examples for this module. It will give you control over the brightness of the display, as well as the information being transmitted to them.

    Technical Specifications

    • 4 digit red alpha-numeric display
    • Grove compatible - only need to I/O pins
    • Adjustable brightness (8 levels)