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    Maybe you've heard of OLEDs - LEDs that are created using organic compounds to create light. Well now, you can get your hands on an OLED display with the Grove - OLED Display. This display is a 16 color grayscale, 96x96 dot matrix display.

    So why should you care about OLEDs? Here's a few of the great characteristics they have:

    • High Brightness
    • Self-Backlit
    • High Contrast
    • Thin packaging
    • Wide Viewing Angle
    • Wide temperature range
    • Lower Power Consumption

    So start working with this display today and add OLED to the list of displays you've mastered.


    • 96x96 Dot Matrix Display
    • 16 color Grayscale Display
    • Grove Compatible (4 pin I2C Connector)
    • Works with 5V and 3V logic MCUs
    • I2C Interface
    • -40°C ~ 70 Operating Temperature


    • Supports normal and inverse color display
    • Supports continuous horizontal scrolling