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    Have you lost your beer? Do you need help finding it? You need an alcohol sensor.

    • Power requirements: 5 VDC @ ~120 mA (heater on)
    • Detection Gas: Alcohol
    • Concentration: 20-1000ppm Alcohol
    • Interface: 1 TTL compatible input (SEL), 1 TTL compatible output (DAT)
    • Dimension: 40×20×12mm
    • Heater Voltage: 0.9V ± 0.1V AC or DC
    • Heater Current: 120±20mA
    • Preheat time: Over 48 hours

    Product DOCUMENTATION / WIKI Page.

    *NOTE - Obviously, this is not a legal alcohol breathalyzer device. Don't be an idiot and think you can build something that tests whether you can drive or not. Don't drink and drive. There, we said it.