Item #: SS-SLD80256P
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    Quickly add motor control to your Arduino or Seeeduino with the Grove Motor Shield! You can use the shield to easily connect 2 brushed DC motors, which makes it great for controlling wheeled platforms like the Budget Bot Chassis. Use the Grove Motor Shield to control motors from 6-15 volts, with up to 2 amps per channel. Easily accessible screw terminals will let you connect your motors and external power. This shield is also great if you're using the Grove sensors, since it has 13 Grove ports to connect sensors and I/O.

    Check out Seeed's Wiki Page for more information including Arduino code and wiring tips.

    Warning: When working with more than 1000mA, the IC and heat sink may become very hot!


    • PWM Speed Control Mode
    • 4 direction indicator lights
    • Grove Compatible Connectors (Outputs Analog Ports 0-5, Digital Ports 1-6, I2C, UART)
    • Large heat sink to drive larger loads
    • Controls two brushed DC motors or one 4-wire two-phase stepper motors
    • Can also control inductive loads like Solenoids
    Grove Motor Shield Stats
    Min Typical Max
    Logic Control Voltage 4.5v 5v 5.5v
    Motor Supply Voltage 6 N/A 15
    Output Voltage 0 N/A Vinput-1
    Output Current Per Channel N/A N/A 2000mA
    Output Duty Range 0%~100%
    Dimension 68.5x54.5x29.5mm
    Net Weight 37g