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    LIPO 11.1V Battery Set LBS-10


    - This Li-Po battery is intended for the Bioloid Premium Kit.

    - PCM embedded to protect from over charge, over discharge, and excess current.


    - LIPO 11.1V Battery Set LBS-10 : 1 pc
    Battery Cover : 1 spc
    - F60 : 1
    - CABLE-BAT : 1 pc


    Voltage : 11.1V
    Capacity : 1000 mAh
    Discharge : 10C 
    Dimension : 70 x 35 x 15
    Weight : 83g
    - PCM embedded to protect from over charge, over discharge, and 
    excess current.



    - Do not drop or fold parts of the battery or its parts.
    - Do not fold the end of the sutured portion.
    - Do not apply heat, water or any other liquid on the battery.
    - Do not place in the microwave, washing machine or dryer.
    - Do not use damaged batteries.
     (inflated, deformed, damaged, etc)
    - Do not short circuit the polarity.
    - Do not take the battery apart.
    - When charging, make sure the battery is connected into the correct polarity.
    - Do not charge when the battery is hot. Please charge after it has cooled off.
    - When the battery is not being used, please take apart.
    - Battery will not charge when connected to the robot.


    Controller : CM-510, CM-700
    Power : LIPO Battery Charger LBC-10

    * Can NOT be used with the CM-100, CM-5, and CM-2+.