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    If you are looking for a solenoid for your DIY, educational, or Arduino solenoid project the RobotGeek solenoids are a great choice. This is the Medium version of the solenoid line with a plunger travel of 7mm and up to 1800 g/3.97 lbs lbs of force. (View the specifications tab for full information.)

    If you want to control this solenoid from your Arduino all you need is to add a RobotGeek Relay and power source and you have an Arduino Solenoid project! Check out our Arduino Solenoid Tutorial for instructions.

    RobotGeek Hobby Solenoid Features:
    • Small, Medium, and Large versions available
    • Both push and pull actuation
    • Tapped holes on both plunger ends
    • Tapped holes on casing for easy mounting
    • Ideal plunger length for both max strength and maximum travel
    • Becomes an Arduino Solenoid by just adding a Relay and power source
    • Sample Arduino Solenoid Control Code provided

    Solenoids are great for when you need simple, low cost short linear actuation. Solenoids are electromagnetically driven actuators. When voltage is applied to the solenoid coil the electromagnetic force pulls the center plunger in. It is an excellent mechanical solution for all kinds of DIY projects requiring short quick linear actuation. Solenoids are most often found in latching and trigger-like mechanisms.

    These solenoids have a wide variety of great applications. You can use them as latches and locks for doors and boxes, or you can use them to push buttons, levers, balls, and more!

    Please keep in mind that these solenoids are intended for intermittent use - leaving the solenoid on for extended periods will cause the coil to heat up and possibly damage itself. Do not overtighten bolts in the solenoid frame. While the solenoid is a sturdy device overall, bolts can damage the coil, leaving the solenoid useless. Make sure the bolts do not come into contact with the coil (coil is contained in the black fabric sheath within the metal solenoid frame).

    Medium Solenoid Stats
    Max Stroke 7mm
    Weight .3 lbs
    Operating Voltage 24V 12V 6V
    Max Strength - 7mm Stroke 1300 g/2.87 lbs 500 g/1.1 lbs 70 g/.15 lbs
    Max Strength - 1.5mm Stroke 1800 g/3.97 lbs 900 g/1.98 lbs 250 g/.55 lbs
    Current Draw 2.9 A 1.5 A .75 A
    Expanded Strength Chart Download
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