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    Software Features

    Hardware Features

    The PhantomX Robot Turret is a high performance Pan & Tilt platform for experimenters, roboticists, and hobbyists, making it easy to get started in the exciting field of physical computing! This easy to build kit is based around the exclusive ArbotiX Robocontroller and AX-12A & AX-18A Dynamixel Actuators. It includes everything needed to build a high performance, fully programmable, Arduino-compatible Pan & Tilt platform. Add webcams, lasers, airsoft guns, a variety of sensors to the available I/O, Xbee wireless link to a PC, PWM Hobby Servos, up to two small DC motors, and additional AX-12A Dynamixel Actuators to customize your project! The ArbotiX Robocontroller can also be custom programmed using the Arduino IDE for autonomous behavior using sensory input, or a variety of other custom applications- your imagination is the limit!.

    Note: This kit is offered in two variants: DYNAMIXEL AX-12A & DYNAMIXEL AX-18A . Be sure to select your variant in the upper right hand corner before ordering.

    Product Features
    • ArbotiX Robocontroller
    • Arduino IDE Compatible
    • 300 degrees of motion on each axis
    • Dynamixel Smart Actuators
    • USB, Xbee wireless, Autonomous modes
    • Rugid ABS Base
    • Rubber Grip Feet
    • USB or Wireless PC Interface
    • 32 I/O - 8 as Analog Inputs
    • I2C Interface
    • Dual Motor Controller
    • Ready to use Pre-Loaded Firmware
    • Open source Firmware
    • Sample PC Control Apps in .NET C# & Python
    • Roborealm support for machine vision applications
    • ISP available for custom programming
    Kit Includes:
    ArbotiX Specifications:

    The ArbotiX robocontroller is an advanced control solution for AX-12A servo/Bioloid Based robots as well as small-to-medium size robots of any type. It incorporates a powerful AVR microcontroller, XBEE wireless radio, dual motor drivers, and 3-pin servo-style headers for IO.

    The ArbotiX robocontroller is specifically designed to control robots built using the Bioloid System and AX-12A servos, although it is also a very high-end solution for powerful rovers. It is not intended to be a drop-in replacement for a CM-5, rather it is intended as a high level development tool for building more sophisticated robots.

    For full information and product manual, check the manufacturer's page.

    ArbotiX Robocontroller Specifications

    • 16MHz AVR microcontroller (ATMEGA644p).
    • 2 serial ports, 1 dedicated to Bioloid servo controller, the other to the XBEE radio
    • 3 Bioloid AX-12A style ports onboard, plug your AX-12A Servos directly in!
    • 32 I/O, 8 of which can function as analog inputs
    • Servo style 3-pin headers (gnd, vcc, signal) on all 8 analog inputs, and 8 of the digital IO
    • Dual 1A motor drivers, with combined motor/encoder header.
    • XBEE radios sold separately. A typical setup will require 2 XBEE radios and an XBEE explorer w/ USB Cable to be able to wirelessly control your robot from your computer.
    • 2.8"x2.8" with mounting holes designed to match many Bioloid configurations.