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    Product Features

    • Dongle Size
    • 2 Analog Inputs with configurable data acquisition rates
    • 2 Digital Inputs with hardware noise filtering
    • 2 Digital Outputs
    • Plugs directly into a computer's USB Port

    Product Description

    Designed for customers who only need a couple of Analog Inputs, Digital Inputs or Digital Outputs, the dongle size PhidgetInterfaceKit 2/2/2 is ideal for projects where space is critical.

    To keep the board small, we have removed the connectors from the board and brought them out through a 12-Wire cable.

    Analog Inputs

    The Analog Inputs are used to measure continuous quantities, such as temperature, humidity, position, pressure, etc. Phidgets offers a wide variety of sensors that can be plugged directly into the 1011's female cable connector using the cable included with the sensor.

    Sampling rates can be set at 1ms, 2ms, 4ms, 8ms and multiple of 8ms up to 1000ms.

    Digital Inputs

    The Digital Inputs have a Digital Input Hardware Filter to eliminate false triggering from electrical noise. They can be used to convey the state of devices such as push buttons, limit switches, relays, and logic levels.

    Product Specifications

    Characteristic Value
       USB Voltage 4.75 to 5.25 VDC
       USB-Power Current Specification Max 500 mA
       Quiescent Current Consumption 20 mA
       Available External Current (source) 480 mA
    Analog Inputs
       Impedance 900K ohms
       SV Reference Error Max 0.5%
       Update Rate 1000 samples/second max
    Digital Inputs
       Pull-Up Resistance 15K ohms
       Low Voltage (True) 0.8V Max
       High Voltage (False) 2.1V Min
       Maximum Voltage ±15V
       Update Rate ~125 samples/second
    Digital Outputs
       High Level Source Current 80mA Max
       Low Level Sink Current 150mA Max
       Series Resistance 300 ohms
       Update Rate ~125 samples/second
    Operating Temperature 0 - 70°C