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    Note: The 1018_2B is identical to the 1018_2, except that it comes pre-assembled in a plastic shell enclosure and this product no longer comes with a USB cable. If you need a USB cable you may purchase them separately here.

    • 8 Analog Inputs
    • 8 Digital Inputs
    • 8 Digital Outputs

    The Analog Inputs are used to measure continuous quantities, such as temperature, humidity, position, pressure, etc. Phidgets offers a wide variety of sensors that can be plugged directly into the board using the cable included with the sensor. The Analog Input can measure a voltage between 0V and 5V. The analog measurement is represented in the software as a value between 0 and 1000, so a sensor value of 1 unit represents a voltage of approximately 5 mV.

    The Digital Inputs can be used to convey the state of devices such as push buttons, limit switches, relays, and logic levels.

    The Digital Outputs can be used to drive LEDs, solid state relays (check out our 3052 SSR Relay Board ), transistors; in fact, anything that will accept a CMOS signal.

    Comes packaged with a 6-foot USB Cable, a Getting Started Manual, a mounting hardware kit, and a sheet of labels.

    Outside Dimensions: 3.20" x 2.10"
    Mounting holes: 2.20" x 1.25"

    For more information see:
    Product Manual
    API Manuals