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    Product Features

    • Produces a set voltage from -10V to +10V
    • Current up to ±20mA per channel
    • You can connect up to 4 devices
    • Can be used to control LED and Fluorescent Dimmers, Valve Actuators, Motor Controls.
    • Connects directly to a computer's USB Port
    Product Description

    The PhidgetAnalog 4-Output Produces a voltage over -10V to +10V. This voltage will be asserted up to +-20mA. An error will be reported when this current is exceeded, and the voltage the customer is getting is no longer accurate. The voltage is produced with 12 bit resolution (4.8mV).

    The board is not isolated and all 4 channels share a common ground.

    All the power is supplied by the USB bus.

    Product Specifications

    Output Voltage Range ±10V
    Current limit per channel 20mA
    Output Voltage Resolution 4.8mV (12 bit)
    width="55%" Output Impedance (channel enabled) 0.5 Ohm
    Output Impedance (channel not enabled) 4k Ohms

    USB Voltage Range 4.5-5.25VDC
    USB Max Current 300mA
    USB Quiescent Current 55mA
    Capacitive Load Stability 4000 pF

    Terminal Block min/max wire gauge 16-26 AWG
    Isolation Not Isolated: all channels share common ground

    Operating Temperature 0 - 70°C