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    80 count Rotary Encoder

    A USB mechanical rotary encoder. This type of encoder is typically used for human interface, not measuring the speed of motors and pulleys.

    The Encoder comes with a custom 6 foot USB cable.

    80 counts per revolution
    Mechanical Dents: NO
    Push Button Shaft: YES

    The PhidgetEncoder uses a typical 2-Bit mechanical encoder with built-in momentary pushbutton switch. The part that comes with the Phidget Encoder is manufactured by CTS Part # 290UAA5F201B1 (datasheet) and is available from Part # CT3010-ND.

    If you decide that this encoder does not meet your requirements it is possible to use other 2-Bit mechanical encoders. Since your new encoder won't have exactly the same pin out you should use wire to connect your new encoder the appropriate pins on the Phidget board.

    We have tested the following Encoders and found that they can be used as replacements
    Manufacturer Part# Source Part # Datasheet
    CTS 290UAA5F201B2 CT3011-ND PDF
    CTS 290UAA5F201B1 CT3010-ND PDF
    CTS 288V232R161B2 CT2999-ND PDF

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