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    Product Features

    • Connects to any typical two-bit optical encoder.
    • Returns up to 500,000 counts per second.
    • Can be used as an accurate human input device.
    • Connects directly to a computer’s USB port.

    Product Description

    The PhidgetEncoder HighSpeed connects to any typical two-bit optical encoder and can return up to 500,000 counts per second. Specifically it reads a standard incremental non-differential TTL encoder.

    The 1057 can be used to measure shaft speed or as a very accurate human input device. If you just need a simple human input device have a look at the 1052 PhidgetEncoder.

    With it you can:

    • Detect changes in incremental position
    • Easily track changes with respect to time

    The 1057 no longer comes with cables, if you need the associated cables you may find them below:

    Mini-USB Cable 180cm 24 AWG

    HighSpeed Encoder Cable


    Product Specifications

    Characteristic Value
    Maximum Count Rate 500000 counts/second
    Internal Output Pull-Up Resistance 2.2kΩ
    Min/Max USB Supply Voltage 4.75 – 5.25VDC
    Device Quiescent Current Consumption 20mA (no encoder attached)
    Encoder Input Low Voltage <0.8V
    Encoder Input High Voltage >3.6V
    Operating Temperature 0-70° C
    Device Active Current Consumption 100mA max

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