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    The Phidget RFID reads tags that are brought in close proximity, within 4 inches. The reader reads EM4102 type tags and operates at 125 kHz.

    The RFID has some new additional features!
    * A +5V output so that you can power an external relay if you wish for use in security or doorway systems etc.
    * A +5V LED output for driving an external LED.
    * An onboard LED on the board (Green).
    * Added ability to turn off RFID as desired.

    Board Dimensions: 6.8 x 8.1 cm
    Mounting Holes: 6.1 x 7.3 cm

    *Notes About the Reader before Purchasing:

    - The RFID Reader and Tags we sell are READ ONLY.

    - The read range on the reader is 4 inches or less depending upon the tag you are using.

    - The reader cannot read multiple tags in the field at the same time.

    - Readers placed too close to each other will cause them to fail in operation. Allow at least a meter of distance between readers. For closer placement you must make use of the reader on/off feature to access one reader at a time.

    - The reader antenna cannot be detached from the RFID reader or altered in any way.

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