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    The Rainbowduino board is an Arduino compatible controller board for driving LEDs. It will drive an 8x8 RGB Led Matrix (Common Anode).

    Work Modes
    The Rainbowduino can run in different work modes depending on your needs.
    • Standalone Mode (plug and shine)
    • UART Mode (Send data from your computer to one Rainbowduino.)
    • I2C Mode (Send data from your computer to multiple Rainbowduino’s.)
    • I2C Cascading (PC or Arduino generated frames displayed on multiple Led Matrices.)

    • Pairs with 8x8 RGB Led Matrix
    • No external circuit required, plug and shine
    • 24 constant current channels of 120mA each
    • 8 super source driver channel of 500mA each
    • Wide output voltage adaption from 6.5V-12VDC
    • Dedicated GPIO and ADC
    • Hardware UART and I2C communication Easy cascading
    • Small form and light weight

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