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    This is one stalker that you won’t mind having! The Seeeduino Stalker is the perfect board to get latest ‘tracking’ project underway. The Seeeduino Stalker is a Wireless Sensor Node based on the Seeeduino. The Stalker is a great tool for logging data on a regular basis from any kind of sensor. Once the time-stamped data is logged, you’ll be rolling in data that’s just begging to get imported into an excel spreadsheet.

    This particular kit is particularly great for outdoor applications. The .5-watt solar panel and the 1000 mAa rechargeable battery will keep your tracker running indefinitely. This kit even has a backup 3V coin cell for those cloudy days. The enclosure includes a waterproof seal, so it will keep your stalker safe from the muggiest swamp or the dustiest desert.

    The Stalker board is also compatible with a wide variety of Bee series sockets, like XBee, BluetoothBee, GPSBee or RFBee. Your Stalker will be talking to all your wireless projects and sharing sensitive information in no time!

    Kit Contents

    • Seeeduino Stalker v2.1 ×1
    • Lithium ion polymer Battery-1000mAh ×1
    • SanDisk microSD™ Card 2GB ×1
    • Mini USB cable 110cm ×1
    • UartSBee V4 ×1
    • 6 pin cable X1
    • Seeeduino Stalker v2 enclosure w/ waterproof seal ×1
    • 0.5w Solar Panel 55x70 ×1
    • CR2032 Button Cell X1


    • Arduino compatible, based on Seeeduino
    • Onboard microcontroller: ATmega328P
    • Onboard Real Time Clock chip with a supercap as a backup power source
    • Serial interface with DTR for auto reset during programming when operating in standalone mode. (For programming, UartSBee must be bought separately)
    • microSD card socket
    • I2C Pin header (operation voltage is selectable: 5.0V or 3.3V)
    • User defined switch and LED
    • Bee series socket - 2*10 pin 2.0mm pitch (which will mate with - one at a time - any of the wireless modules: XBee, BluetoothBee, GPSBee or RFBee.)