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    The Arduino Sidekick Basic Kit is designed to be used with your Arduino / Seeeduino / Seeeduino ADK / Maple Lilypad or any MCU board. It contains everything needed for a first-time user to connect his/her computer to an Arduino. It includes many of the most popular accessories for DIY projects : like Breadboard, Jumper wires, Color LEDs, Resistors, Buzzer, etc. All of these coming with its own handy box are easy transport and minimal clutter.

    Parts list

    1.Breadboard x 1
    2.Green LED x 5
    3.Red LED x 5
    4.RGB Common Anode LED x 1
    5.Ceramic Capacitor(10nF x 10+100nF x 10)
    6.Aluminum capacitor(100uF x 5)
    7.Resistor(330R x 10+1k x 10+10k x 10)
    8.Tilt switch x 1
    9.Thermistor x 1
    10.Photo resistor x 1
    11.Diode x 1
    12.Buzzer x 1
    13.Button x 5
    14.Switch x 5
    15.Mini Servo x 1
    16.Potentiometer with knob x 1
    17.Breadboard jumper wire x 25(5x long, 20 x short)
    18.Box x 4