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    pcProx®-USB: No Programming Required!

    The pcProx USB RFID reader is compatible with all EM4102 (125 kHz)RFID tags.  This reader acts as a hassle-free keyboard wedge.  The powerful yet intuitive configuration software can be used to configure the reader’s output with various formatting options. Once configured, pcProx takes the proximity card’s identification information and sends it as keystrokes as if it were typed by the user.

    When pcProx is deployed, no software is needed.  It uses standard USB drivers supplied by the operating system such as Windows or Macintosh.  PcProx-USB can be programmed format the data length, add keystrokes (such as Enter or Tab) to the beginning, middle, or after the card data prior to sending the resultant output as keystrokes.  This is all accomplished using the configuration utility. Once configured, pcProx holds this information in its non-volatile memory.

    Configuration application and User's Guide can be downloaded via the links at the bottom of this page.

    No-Software Required

    Using this approach, the unique number in the proximity card becomes either part of all of the password required by the operating system.  This low cost, low maintenance solution is perfect for all environments supporting USB!

    At the logon prompt, the user simply waves their proximity card  and the pcProx USB fills in the password field for you. You can then have the reader add a 'ENTER' or TAB key to complete the process.

    Usage 1: Single-factor authentication

    Similar to building  access, the number in the proximity card is the entire password.

    or ...

    Usage 2: Two-Factor Authentication

    For increased security, couple the proximity card number with a 4  character PIN (supplied by the user) for a secure two-factor authentication system.


    pcProx Info Sheet
    pcProx Password Application Notes
    pcProx Configuration Utility
    *Note: The configuration utility must be installed in order to configure the pcProx reader. Once the reader is configured, it can be connected to any compatible computer without having to install any software.