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    Software Features

    Hardware Features

    The Phantom X Pan Tilt kit is an entry level pan tilt kit using the wildly popular Bioloid smart servos. With a resolution of 0.29°, rotation range of up to 300°, and speed up to 97rpm (0.103 sec/60°) you get a lot of performance for a great price.

    This Pan Tilt Kit provides the raw servos, brackets, and cables needed to build a Pan Tilt turret. (If you need a kit with a controller solution check out the PhantomX RoboTurret.) The standoffs are on a 5cm x 5cm pattern which can be mounted directly to your project we recommend a larger base when mounting heavier loads on the Pan Tilt. The bottom servo can also be mounted to projects using many of the various Bioloid brackets available.

    The PhantomX Pan Tilt has many controller options:

    AX-12A Stats
    Operating Voltage 12V
    Stall Torque 15.3 kg·cm
    212 oz·in
    No-load Speed 59 RPM
    Resolution 0.29°
    Operating Angle 300°

    AX-18A Stats
    Operating Voltage 12V
    Stall Torque 18.3 kg·cm
    254.9 oz·in
    1.8 Newton Meter
    No-load Speed 97rpm
    0.103 sec/60°
    Resolution 0.29°
    Operating Angle 300°