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    The PhantomX XL430 Robot Turret is a fully programmable pan and tilt system designed around the DYNAMIXEL XL430-W250-T servos from Robotis. The servos offer a high resolution of 4096 positions and user definable PID parameters. Temperature monitoring, positional feedback as well as voltage levels, load and compliance settings are all user accessible as well. The PhantomX XL430 Turret comes with the DYNAMIXEL U2D2 for ROS control and the CM9.04c for Serial Firmware control.

    Software Control

    ROS Serial Communication DYNAMIXEL SDK
    Overview Packages for Ubuntu 16.04 & ROS Kinetic / Ubuntu 18.04 & ROS Melodic Contains Meshes, URDF, Inertial values, driver node as well as Gazebo config / Moveit config and examples / demos.
    The Interbotix Serial Firmware allows users to control the turret through the use of serial over USB. The ROBOTIS Dynamixel SDK is a software development kit that provides Dynamixel control functions using packet communication.
    Operating System
    Operating System Linux Windows / MacOS / Linux Windows / MacOS / Linux
    Languages C++, Python, or any other ROS compatable languages Any language which can communicate via serial over USB C, C++, C#, Python, Java, MATLAB, LabVIEW and ROS.
    Controller DYNAMIXEL U2D2 OpenCM9.04c DYNAMIXEL U2D2
    Demos Examples include:

    • MoveIt!
    • Rviz Gazebo Simulation
    • Physical Robot Control
    • Puppet Control
    • Diagnostics & Data Recording
    • PS3/PS4 Control
    A Windows Demo is provided allowing for control of any standard X-Series Turret. Tools are provided for users to become familiar with the Interbotix Serial Protocol Robotis provides sample code in many languages for users to get started


    ROS Support

    ROS Packages & Support

    ROS packages for Kinetic and Melodic on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and 18.04 make it easy to get started with the XL430 Turret. Packages include full meshes and URDFs (including accurate inertial models for the links), driver node that controls the physical robot and publishes joint states as well as gazebo and moveit support. Examples are also included to show users how the core packages work.

    Product Features:

    • XL430-W250-T Servos
    • Roller Bearing Base
    • OpenCM9.04-C 
    • 2 DOF


    • 2x XL430-W250-T Actuators
    • 1x OpenCM9.04-C
    • 1x DYNAMIXEL U2D2
    • 1x 12v2a Power Supply
    • 1x USB2 Micro Cable
    PhantomX XL430 Turret
    Protocol TTL
    Payload  500g
    Resolution 4096

    Mounting Hardware

    Mounting Hardware

    The base comes with mounting thumb screws to secure the turret easily to most any surface, wood screws are also an option for a more permanent mounting solution.