PhantomX Parallel Gripper Assembly Guide

Tools Needed

  • 2mm Hex Wrench
  • Needle Nose Pliers

Parts List

Note: Some of the parts in some assemblies come packaged in separate smaller bags because they come with a bracket or other various part. Please review the entire parts list to ensure you have all necessary components. Some kits will have spare bolts, nuts, or screws included.

1 X 2 X 2 X
4 X 2 X  

8 X 4 X    

ASSEMBLY TIPS: Seating the Nuts into the Nut Sockets

Pre Step: Sand your Gripper Rails

For proper functionality of your gripper, please pay attention to this guide. The gripper rails are designed tightly, and you may cause irreversible damage to your gripper if you do not sand it in advance.

A note about servo IDs.

If you are coming from another tutorial and the gripper is part of that kit the assembly guide will have instructions on which servo ID to use.

If you purchased the gripper kit sperately, the supplied servo will be preset to "ID 1" and can be changed as needed.

Prepare Your Parts

First prep your servo using the M2 Nuts and mount the Gripper Rail onto the servo as shown.
4 x 4 x
Build FOUR Bushing Sets by screwing the Plastic Bushings with an M2x8 Hex Socket Head bolt.              
4 x 4 x

*Hold the bushing steady with pliers, but do not crush the Plastic Bushing.

Build the Gripper Hands

A note about Gripper Arm orientations.

In order for the gripper to be assembled correctly, please pay close attention to the orientation of the Gripper Arms when attaching them to the Gripper Hands and to the servo.

Putting them on in reverse could result in breaking the Gripper Arms and/or Gripper Hands.

Build TWO Gripper Hand Assemblies by tapping into the hole on bottom of a Gripper Hand with an Bushing Set through one hole on one Gripper Arm. 

*Remember not to tighten completely, just enough for the Bushing to sit in the arm and spin.
*Note the orientation of Gripper Arms to Hands.
Apply one Foam Pad to each Gripper Hand.

*If necessary for your application, two extra Foam Pads are supplied for more cushion and can be applied.

Assemble the Gripper

*Note the orientation of Servo Horn before attaching arms.

Slide both Gripper Hand Assemblies onto Gripper Rail as shown and mount the Gripper Arms to the Servo Horn using the final (2) Bushing Sets.

*Remember not to tighten completely, just enough for the Bushing to sit in the arm and spin.

Attach to final project.