PhantomX Robot Turret Assembly Guide
for AX-12 & AX-18 Dynamixel Servos

Tools Needed

  • 1.5mm Hex Wrench
  • 2.5mm Hex Wrench
  • Small Phillips Head Screw Driver
  • Small Flat Head Screw Driver

Parts List
Note: Some of the parts in some assemblies come packaged in seperate smaller bags because they come with a bracket or other various part. Please review the entire parts list to ensure you have all necessary components. Some kits will have spare bolts, nuts, or screws included.

1 X 2 X 1 X
1 X 1 X 1 X
1 X 1 X 1 X
1 X

1 X 4 X 12 X 1 X
4 X 4 X 4 X 2 X
1 X 18 X 12 X 14 X
5 X 1 X  

Build the bottom base
Attach the rubber feet as shown or as desired onto the legs of the "X" shaped bottom base.

5 x  
Attach the four M3 x 10standoffs to the arbotiX as shown using four M3 x 4 socket head bolts.

4 x 4 x
Attach the arbotiX to the base as shown using four M3 x 8 socket head bolts.

Orientate the arbotiX so that the power terminal blocks are next to the cable tie slots.

4 x
Screw the Female Pigtail Lead into the power terminal blocks. Make sure the red wire is on the right (positive).
1 x

ASSEMBLY TIPS: Using Turbo Lock

ASSEMBLY TIPS: Seating the Nuts into the Nut Sockets

Identifying your Tilt & Pan Servos
Your servos are labeled with servo IDs. Be sure to not reverse the servos during assembly. The servos come preprogrammed with IDs to identify to the controller which one is Pan and which one is Tilt.

Pan = ID 1
Tilt = ID 2

Build the Top Section
Push ten M2 nuts into the nut seats on the servo with ID 1.

10 x Push nut in with phillips tip
Bolt the servo down using 10 M2x8mm Socket Head Bolts.

10 x  
Underside View.

Make sure the servo horn is positioned properly by making sure the grooves on the horn and body are lined up.

Attach the F3 bracket as shown.

4 x  
Push four M2 Steel Nuts into the nut seats on the bottom of the Tilt servo as shown.

4 x Push nut in with phillips tip
Mount the Tilt servo to the F3 bracket using four M2 x 6mm Hex Socket Head bolts as shown. (Make sure the servo faces right like in the picture.)

4 x  
Attach the F2 Bracket. Start with the AX Hub Assembly side first as shown.

1 x Assemble as shown
Next bolt on the other side with 4 M2 x 6mm Bolts.

4 x  
Run your servo cables as shown.

2 x  

Assemble top and bottom together
Screw the M/F M3 x 15 standoff into the F/F M3 x 30 standoff. Tighten them snugly by rotating about a quarter turn past when the faces touch.

4 x 4 x
Mount the Top Plate onto the Base Plate using the Standoff Assemblies.

8 x
Plug in the servo cable and FTDI cable as shown. Make sure the black wire on the FTDI cable is on the right like in the picture.

Zip tie down the cables to the Base Plate.

1 x
The kit comes with an optional mounting plate for those that need one in their project solutions.

4 x 4 x