RobotGeek 180 Degree Robot Servo robot servo, 180 degree robot servo, robotgeek servo, robotgeek robot servo, robotgeek 180 degree servo, 180 degree servo
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    Get ready to bring your robotic dreams to life with the RobotGeek 180 Degree Robot Servo! This metal-geared servo is perfect for building robotic joints and will help you create your own custom robotic arms, crawlers, and more! And because these servos use a standard PWM signal for control, they're easy to directly interface with microcontrollers like the Arduino! RobotGeek Servo by RobotGeek on Sketchfab Idler Horn The difference between a regular servo and robot servo is the Idle Horn. This...

    RobotGeek Servo C Bracket robotgeek servo c bracket, c bracket, robotgeek bracket, robotgeek servo bracket, servo bracket, servo c bracket
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      The RobotGeek Servo C Bracket is a great tool for creating joints with your RobotGeek Servo. This bracket easily attaches to the servo's horns with just a few bolts. A variety of mounting holes on the bracket make it easy to mount the bracket to your robot or sensors in a variety of ways. The circular hole pattern on the bottom of the bracket will also attach directly to a RobotGeek Servo Horn or other brackets, allowing you to easily build up complex servo systems. RobotGeek Servo Hinge...