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RFIDuino - Hello World 1


Our first 'Hello World' sketch will scan for any tag. When it sees a tag it will sound the buzzer and light one of the onboard LEDs.

Hardware Required


  1. Connect your RFIDuino as shown.
  2. Load RFIDuino_helloworld1 onto your board. You can find this sketch under File>Examples>RFIDuino after you've installed the RFIDuino Library
  3. Once loaded, leave your board connected to your computer for power
  4. Swipe any of your RFID tag across the antenna board.
  5. If everything is working properly, the buzzer will activate and the green light will flash

Code Overview

RFIDuino_helloworld1 is the most basic code to use the RFIDuino. The code will create an RFIDuino object ,myrfid, and use it to run the decodeTag function. This function looks for a tag swipe happening across the antenna. If this function is succesful, it stores the data in an array and returns a true signal. Once a tag swipe is detected, the buzzer and light are activated.

EXTRA CREDIT: Modify the program so that it turns on the Red LED instead of the green one. Download Solution Files

RFIDuino Functions used in this example

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