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    The RobotGeek Parallel Gripper is a simple and easy-to-build solution for roboticists looking to pick up small objects. The RobotGeek Parallel Gripper is a parallel actuating manipulator; keeping size, weight, and cost to a minimum and making it perfect for simple applications. Ideal for picking up small, lightweight objects such as sugar cubes, marbles, Legos, eyeballs, and the occasional stray cheese puff. The included foam padding can be added or removed for different gripper characteristics. These grippers were designed with .5" FSRs in mind - the sensors will stick right onto the gripper finger and a convenient hole allows you to easily route the FSR leads. The standard Gripper includes a C-Bracket to make it easy to mount the Gripper to another RobotGeek servo. The Gripper With Wrist Servo Kit includes hardware that is compatible with the standard Centimeter Grid used in the entire RobotGeek product line. This means the gripper is easily mounted to the RobotGeek GeekBot, or any robotic project you can come up with using RobotGeek plates and workbenches. You will need to sand your gripper for smooth operation, more details available in the assembly guide.