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    The RobotGeek RFID Windows Login Kit gives you the power to log into your Windows (Vista, 7, 8, or 10) Personal Computer using a quick and easy RFID tag swipe! Our detailed tutorial will guide you through the process to install the login files on your PC as well as get the Windows Login Firmware on your Geekduino. When swiped, your RFIDuino and Geekduino will pass the tag information onto your PC. Any tags that match your setup files will activate the login software and log you into your account! The software support local and domain accounts and is completely open source.

    The kit includes:

    This project was based off a project for the RedBee RFID reader, a collaboration between Trossen Robotics / RobotGeek, Amal Graafstra and Robotics Connection. This is a demo program and should not be considered ready for use where professional level security is required. The user login/password are stored in an unencrypted plaintext file on the computer. The source code is made available for anyone who wishes to build a modified, more secure version.