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    Floor Mat Switches are great inputs for all kinds of projects. The Power Switch tail is a great device that allows you to use a switch to control an AC powered device. Put them together, add the device you'd like to control, and you've got a quick, clever project! You could turn on the lights while you fumble with your keys, or make a quick Halloween jump scare! This is good as a standalone kit (simple instructions here. ), or you can pair it with the RobotGeek Floor Mat Experimenter's Kit to add the power of an Arduino based Microcontroller to the mix. We have a full Halloween How-To Guide to get you started.

    Kit Contents

    The Floor Mat Switch works by spacing two strips of metal apart with thin squares of foam in-between them every .75 inches. The pairs of metal strips are spaced out 2.5 inches from each other for the length of the mat. When someone steps on the mat their weight presses the two metal strips together creating a closed contact. All the strips are connected down both sides of the mat creating one large switch. The individual strips can be cut apart to create individual switches and the mat itself can be cut into pieces for placing the switches any where you wish around a room.
    The Switch Floor Mat is a perfect low cost solution for monitoring large areas of floor space. The mat is most often used in security applications, but is also used for projects such as interactive arts, stage triggers for plays, animal behavior tracking, and more. The mat can be placed underneath carpeting and has a 60lb trigger weight.

    The PowerSwitch Tail is designed to allow you to safely control an outlet device without exposing any 120VAC voltages. You can plug in any standard 120VAC 3-prong outlet to be controlled by most any microcontroller. This will work great with Arduino! The PowerSwitch Tail II improves on the original PowerSwitch Tail by allowing you to switch a bigger load (now up to 15A) with a wider range of control signals (3-12VDC).

    • Connect to Arduino, PIC, Stamp, or other MCU with driver transistor or ULN2803
    • LED indicator shows status of control signal
    • Connect output receptacle to a single powered device or to a power strip to control multiple loads.
    • Switches up to 15A (resistive loads) with a 3-12VDC, 3-30mA control signal.
    • This Kit will require you to solder wires to the floor mat switch. You may also need to solder extensions depending on what kind of external device you are trying to control.