Item #: RG-ANTSY
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Price: $229.95

    *3D Printed shells not included

    There is a new robot crawling into town and they call it Antsy! Take one look and you can see inspiration for the design comes from a well-known insect, the ant. This hexapod design incorporates the use of three servos and a linkage system to produce locomotion at a fraction of the cost of other hexapod kits.

    Antsy can show emotion, respond to light and be customized with 3D printed shells to make him unique! Designed with RobotGeek Geekduino and Sensor Shield components Antsy has a number of included sensors utilizing the simplified 3 pin connections and plenty of extra I/O to expand its capabilities.

    Scare your friends. Give your favorite toy a piggy back ride. Whatever you choose to do you have complete control with this open source robot. From design files to source code you are provided with the resources to create and customize.

    Included in the kit is our new universal IR game-pad enabling wireless control with lots of buttons for performing actions or changing settings.

    Wiggle, giggle, shiver or wave to your audience as you control Antsy’s servos from the wireless controller. Mixed with sound effects and LED feedback Antsy has a unique personality.

    Kit Includes:

    RobotGeek Geekduino

    RobotGeek Sensor Shield V2

    RobotGeek 180 Degree Robot Servo x3

    RobotGeek Buzzer

    RobotGeek IR Receiver

    RobotGeek Light Sensor x2

    RobotGeek LED Driver x2

    Lithium Ion Battery 7.4v 2200mAh

    Lithium-ion Battery Charger

    Universal IR Game-Pad

    All Hardware, cables and body plates required for assembly.

    *3D printed shells not included

    RobotGeek Antsy Hexapod w/ Armor by RobotGeek on Sketchfab

    If you do not have access to a 3D printer, you may download the 3D files from our Thingiverse or our GitHub Repository and head over to 3dhubs. From here, you may select from a number of 3d printers in your area to work with. This will be a far less expensive option, however it will come at the cost of some print quality.

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    Thingiverse - 3D Files

    GitHub Repository - Code Examples