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    The RobotGeek RFID Experimenter's Kit is a strong introduction to the use of RFID tags in the Arduino environment. Utilizing the power of the Geekduino in conjunction with the RFIDuino Shield, this kit gives you access to the world of Radio Frequency Identification in a smart, easy way! Learn about triggering events with the swipe of an RFID tag in fun and exciting ways, even integrating household systems with use of the relay and LCD Display! As part of the RobotGeek Experimenter's line, the RFID Experimenter's Kit is a top-notch choice for diving into the realm of Arduino programming, with loads of tutorials and projects to guide you through!

    Complete the following projects:

    RFID Garage Door

    RFID Door Lock

    RFID Data Logging

    RFID Lock Box

    RFID Windows Login

    At the core of the RobotGeek Arduino kits is the workbench to mount your projects on. All RobotGeek products are compatible with the bench and each include mounting hardware giving you the opportunity to continue adding to your portable Arduino workstation!

    The kit includes: