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    The RobotGeek Gripper packs a lot of features into a small package. A large gripping area, adjustable finger tips, geared down ratio for strength, a strong wrist servo, and light weight make this gripper a great solution for a wide range of projects. 

    The included base mount allows builders easily to mount the gripper on the Geekbot rover or any RobotGeek project using the standard 1 X 1 cm grid.

    If you need force feedback add a 0.5" FSR to your project!

    The Gripper comes with:

    This gripper is designed for use with the RobotGeek GeekBot and Snapper Arm. It is NOT compatible with the InterbotiX Line of Arms (PhantomX Pincher, PhantomX Reactor, WidowX Arm).

    Gripper Stats
    Weight With Servo 150g
    Weight without Servo 74g
    Full Open 6cm
    Full Close 0cm
    Gripping strength 50g Lifting Capacity

    FS90MG Stats
    Operating Voltage 6v
    No-load Speed 0.10sec/60degree
    Stall Torque 1.8 kg·cm
    25.04 oz·in
    Operating Angle 180°
    Weight 14g
    Size 23.2 × 12.5 × 22 m
    Control Protocol PWM
    Cable Length 250mm
    Material Plastic Body and Metal Gears

    RG-SRV180 Stats
    Operating Voltage 6v
    Stall Torque 8.5 kg·cm
    118.2 oz·in
    No-load Speed 43 RPM;
    .23 seconds/60°
    Operating Angle 180°
    Weight 60g
    Size 30 x 45 x 51 mm
    Stall Current 900 mA
    Standby/No Load Current 150 mA
    Control Protocol PWM
    Cable Length 270mm
    Material Plastic Body and Metal Gears
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