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    The Robot Geek Pan & Tilt Kit is a basic Pan & Tilt with two Robot Geek Robot Servos and brackets needed for a small Pan & Tilt setup. (If you want a complete kit with a Geekduino, control sensors, laser and more check out the Robot Geek Desktop Roboturret.)

    The Pan & Tilt comes with mounting plates for a standalone configuration and stand offs for mounting directly onto projects. The mounting plates conform to the standard Robot Geek 1 X 1 CM hole pattern used on all Robot Geek kits so the Pan & Tilt is easy to mount on any project.

    If you need a shield to control the Pan & Tilt Kit we recommend the Robot Geek Sensor Shield.
    RG-SRV180 Stats
    Operating Voltage 6v
    Stall Torque 12 kg·cm
    166.648 oz·in
    No-load Speed 43 RPM;
    .23 seconds/60°
    Operating Angle 180°
    Weight 60g
    Size 30 x 45 x 51 mm
    Stall Current 1600 mA
    Standby/No Load Current 150 mA
    Control Protocol PWM
    Cable Length 270mm
    Material Plastic Body and Metal Gears
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    The Pan and Tilt Kit uses the same servos and metal brackets as the Desktop RoboTurret and many of the examples can be adapted to the Pan and Tilt Kit. The RoboTurret Assembly Guide also has instructions for adding the Robot Geek Laser and Camera Kit to the C-Bracket