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    *Please Note: RobotGeek Snapper Mini is intended to be 3D printed.
    Make sure you have access to a 3D printer or 3D printing service before purchasing this kit.

    Download the 3D files from our thingiverseThingiverse

    The RobotGeek Snapper Mini - 9G Servo 3D printable Robot arm is a fully 3D printable robot arm kit! The kit comes with all of the servos hardware and base to assemble the arm, all you need to do is print the rest and assemble! The Snapper Mini works off the same code as the full Snapper kit making it easy to get started in programming.

    The kit includes:

    5x Metal Gear 9G Servos

    1x RobotGeek Small Workbench

    1x RobotGeek Sensor Shield

    Assembly Hardware

    *Optional Geekduino

    Looking for control options for your Snapper Arm Mini?

    There are many ways to control any of our robots. We have quite a few options for the Snapper Arm!

    Joystick Control

      This is a series of 3 tutorials using the Joystick Panel that comes with the Snapper Kit.
    1. Backhoe (Direct Servo Control)
    2. Cylindrical YZ Inverse Kinematics
    3. Cartesian Coordinates XYZ Inverse Kinematics

      You will not need additional parts.

    Wii Classic Controller

      This is a single tutorial that covers the control of a Snapper arm with a Wii Classic Controller.
    1. Wii Classic Controller

    Arm Link Software

      This is a set of two tutorials covering the use of the Arm Link Software to control your Snapper Arm via PC.
    1. Arm Link Software Getting Started
    2. Arm Link Software Sequence Playback

      You will not need additional parts.

    Automated Control

      This is a single tutorial covering Servo Interpolation with the ServoEx library.
    1. Basic Servo Interpolation

      You will not need additional parts.