Item #: US-901
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    Floor Mat switches are great for all sorts of projects, but sometimes you need something a little more heavy-duty than our Standard Floor Mat Switches, sometimes you need a ruggedized 9" x 15" 25LB Floor Mat Switch

    These Floor Mats are ruggedized and waterproofed making them ideal for high traffic areas, both indoors and outdoors. The Switch Floor Mat is a perfect solution for monitoring security points, inventory, and more. The mat is most often used in security applications but it can also be used for projects such as interactive arts, stage triggers for plays, animal behavior tracking and more. The mat can even be placed underneath carpeting and welcome mats.

    The Floor Mat switch is designed to be used as a low voltage DC switch, so it is directly compatible with micorcontrollers like the Arduino. To use this mat to control household AC loads, try the PowerSwitch Tail.

    • Max Current Rating: 1 A
    • Max Voltage Rating: 25 V
    • Circuit Type: SPST Normally Open
    • Cable Length: ~3"
    • Length: 9"
    • Width: 15"
    • Trigger Weight: Aprox. 25 lbs