Item #: CBL-3PF2Y
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Price: $1.95

    The Sensor Y Cable is a great tool for splitting a single signal to multiple output boards. These cables are 100mm long and use a standard .1"/2.54mm pitch, making them compatible with RobotGeek I/O boards, Hobby servos, and breadboards. With this cable you can easily connect from a single output port on the RobotGeek Sensor Shield to a RobotGeek Relay, a RobotGeek LED Driver or a RobotGeek Buzzer.

    Combine this cable with 2 3-Pin Couplers to easily connect from 1 port to 2 Hobby Servos. You can even use this cable to split power signals when your in a tight spot

    Please keep in mind that this cable duplicates a single signal, so both connected devices will react in the same way.