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    Software Features

    Hardware Features

    This sensor takes a continuous distance reading and reports the distance as an analog voltage with a distance range of 20cm (~8") to 150cm (~60"). The interface is 3-wire with power, ground and the output voltage and requires a JST 3-pin connector (not included). The JST 3-pin connector includes the J3 connector for the sensor and bare wires at the other end, and requires that the processor or ADC-side connector be purchased or built separately. For most applications we recommend purchasing the Sharp IR to Servo Cable separately.

    Absolute Maximum Ratings

    Parameter Symbol Rating Unit Remarks
    Supply Voltage VCC -0.3 to +7 V  
    Output Terminal Voltage VO -0.3 to VCC+0.3 V  
    Operating Temperature Topr -10 to +60 °C  
    Storage Temperature Tstg -40 to +70 °C  

    Operating Supply Voltage

    Parameter Symbol Rating Unit Remark
    Operating Supply Voltage VCC 4.5 to 5.5 V  

    Electro-Optical Characteristics

    Parameter Symbol Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit
    Measuring distance range delta L *2 *3 20 - 150 cm
    Output Terminal Voltage VO L = 150 cm *2 0.25 0.4 0.55 V
    Output voltage difference delta VO Output change at L change (150 cm -> 20 cm) *2 1.8 2.05 2.3 V
    Average supply current Icc - - 33 50 mA

    p> L: Distance to reflected object
    *2 Using reflected object: White paper (Made by Kodak Co. Ltd. gray cards
          R-27, white face, reflective ratio: 90%)
    *3 Distance measuring range of the optical sensor system.


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  • Sharp IR Sensor to Servo Cable (Terminates in standard 3-pin servo-style connector.  Cut off the connector and splice in a connector of your choice, if necessary.)
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