Mini-USB Cable 180cm 24 AWG
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Item #: PH-3018 -

    180cm USB 2.0 Cable.The cable includes a common mode choke/filter for noise reduction.The USB Mini-B connector plugs into the device. The USB type A connector goes into the computer.

    LiPo/Li-ion Battery Wiring Harness battery, wiring, harness, power, dean plug, barrel plug, battery link, lipo battery harness, lipo harness
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    InterbotiX Item #: CBL-HARNESS -

      Easily link your project to a LiPo/Li-ion battery with the Battery Wiring Harness! This harness is the same one we use in our Hexapod and Quadruped kits. Just attach the male Dean connector to any of our LiPo/Li-ion Batteries and the barrel jack plug into your project, and you're ready to go! The harness even has a built in switch to quickly shut down power to your project. The switch is easily mountable - just cut a 6mm hole into your project and use the included nut and washer to securley...

      DC Squid Cable dc squid cable, squid cable, dc squid, squid cable female to male, female to male squid, 1 female to 6 male dc cable
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      InterbotiX Item #: CBL-DCSQUID -

        Do you want to attach multiple devices to a single power supply, but don't want to splice and solder them all together? Then check out the DC Squid Cable. With this cable you can plug up to 6 devices up to one DC power supply. For example, you could connect 6 Arduino boards up to one power supply. Each barrel jack connector is 2.1*5.5mm. making it compatible with out many power supplies and wiring harnesses. Please keep in mind that it is up to the user to determine that the power supply can...

        Barrel Jack Male Pigtail Lead 2.1*5.5*12mm barrel jack male, pigtail lead, power cable, cable, pigtail power,
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        ChinaSky Item #: CBL-PIGTAIL -

          The Barrel Jack Male Pigtail Lead 2.1*5.5*12mm is the perfect companion to any 2.1*5.5mm female power jack. Whether you need to hook up to an Arduino/Geekduino Board, a Female Pigtail Lead or the AX/MX Power Hub, this cable has you covered. The tail is 10" long and splits easily.

          Female Dean to Female Barrel Plug Cable female dean, female barrel plug, power cable, cable
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          Goodwell Electrical Item #: CBL-FDEANFBA -

            LiPo batteries are great for building robots, but using them to power your cralwer during development can be problamatic. Instread, use the Female Dean to Female Barrel Plug Cable to connect your robot to a DC power supply. Just plug the 2.1*5.5 female barrel jack into any of our SMPS Power supplies and the female dean connector into yor project and you'll be able to test for long streches without having to recharge your battery. Keep in mind that LiPo batteries can source alot of current, so...