Phidgets MotorControl 1-Motor PhidgetMotorControl, PhidgetMotorControl 1-Motor, 1-Motor, Phidget Motor Control 1-Motor, Phidget Motor Control, USB Motor controller, 1065, P1065
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    Product Features Controls direction, velocity and acceleration of one DC Motor Requires external Power Supply (9 to 28VDC) Built-in 2 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 1 encoder input Protected against over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature Connects directly to a computer's USB Port Product Description The 1065 lets you control the direction, velocity and acceleration of one DC Motor. The motor is powered by an external power supply (9 to 28VDC). Brushed DC Motors are very simple to...

    Phidgets MotorControl HC PhidgetMotorControl HC, Phidget MotorControl HC, Phidget Motor Control HC, Phidgets MotorControl HC, Phidgets Motor Control HC, USB motor Controller
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      The PhidgetMotorControl HC allows you to control the velocity and acceleration of up to two high-current DC motors. Many variations of brushed DC motors exist: permanent magnet motors, electromagnet motors, coreless motors, linear motors... the PhidgetMotorController can be used with any of these, as well as other devices like small solenoids, incandescent light bulbs, and hydraulic or pneumatic devices like small pumps and valves. Provides bi-directional control to 2 DC motors Requires...