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Robotis Co. Item #: RO-902-0132-000 -

    ■ Basic Features U2D2 is a small size USB communication converter that enables to control and to operate the DYNAMIXEL with the PC. It is smaller than the previous model and has mount holes to make it easier to install on robots. It uses the USB cable to connect to the PC and prevents damage of the USB terminals. It has both 3Pin connectors for TTL communication and 4Pin connectors for RS-485 communication embedded for easier control and access for the Dynamixel X series. (Supports UART as...

    U2D2 Power Hub Board
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    Robotis Co. Item #: RO-902-0145-000 -

      The U2D2 power hub board combines with the U2D2 to supply a variety of external power sources to Dynamixels. The board is capable of supplying power to all Dynamixels with the SMPS port, terminal block, and 2P power connector. The board has holes to fix the U2D2 module and can be assembled using the rivets supplied in the package. -Easily powers ON/OFF with the power switch Package Components U2D2 Power Hub Board 1 Rivet 4 NUT M3 4 Support M3x10x6 4 *U2D2 and cables not included. H/W...

      arbotiX Robocontroller Starter Kit arbotix, robot controller, starter kit, robocontroller, bioloid, ax-12, robotis, ax-12+
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        The arbotiX Robocontroller Starter Kit provides everything you need to get started with this powerful new robotics controller. Do you want to free your robot of wires? Send sensory data back to your PC? Control your robot from up to 300 feet away without having to worry about interference issues inherit in most 2.4ghz technology? XBee technology is the answer. From simply 'cutting' your serial cable, to creating a wireless mesh network perfect for swarm robotics, you can take your robotics...

        AX/MX DYNAMIXEL Servo Manager Kit AX Dynamixel Manager, Dynamixel Manager, Dynamixel Development Kit, MX Dynamixel Manager
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          The AX/MX DYNAMIXEL Servo Manager Kit is a perfect starting point for any serious project using the Robotis DYNAMIXEL actuators. It contains everything needed to interface with any 3-pin DYNAMIXEL series servos (AX / MX / X Series) with the U2D2, including power/hub breakouts, and a cables. This kit provides access to the DYNAMIXEL API, Roboplus DYNAMIXEL Wizard for firmware updates, recovery, and an easy to use UI to configure & test servo attributes.  Kit Includes: U2D2 AX/MX...

          OpenCM9.04-C OpenCM9.04-B, OpenCM9.04-C, Dynamixel, Robotis
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          Robotis Co. Item #: RO-902-0084-040 -

            The Open CM9.04 C is an open source micro-controller from ROBOTIS powered by the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor. Any 3-pin DYNAMIXEL servo using the TTL communication protocol can be used with the OpenCM9.04-C. With plenty of processing power, this controller is a great choice for robot building using multiple servos! Each kit includes: 1 x OpenCM9.04-C micro-controller 2 x 20 pin male header row 2 x 20 pin female header row 1 x USB micro-B cable 1 x Instruction manual Program the board using...