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    PicoSwitch is a relay switch that you toggle via hobby radio control gear. You can use PicoSwitch to quickly and easily control anything from a digital camera shutter to an electric squirt gun to home lighting and more. You can activate applications with voltage levels as high as 125VAC without having to know anything about microcontroller logic levels or transistors because the relay offers full electrical isolation from your receiver electronics.

    PicoSwitch plugs into a standard hobby radio control receiver (or a servo controller) as easily as a servo does. You connect the load that you want to toggle using PicoSwitch's wear resistant screw terminals. Depending on the channel you use, you will then be able to control the relay by moving your radio's control stick up or down, left or right, or another method you desire.

    Picoswitch has a status LED on the bottom. The LED will light up when the relay switch is on, and vice versa. It will also tell you if your radio link is too weak by flashing repeatedly.

    The relay is a single pole single throw switch. Its typical lifetime is 100,000 to 1,000,000 switching cycles, depending on how heavy a load you are using. The relay is normally open when unpowered.

    PicoSwitch does not supply power at the screw terminals.

    PicoSwitch should not be used to switch inductive loads like motors or solenoids without an antiparallel diode.

    Need something to control this switch with? Check out our Servo Controller section!

    Specifications: max relay voltage: 60vdc, 125vac
    Max relay current: 1A @ 24VDC, 0.5A @ 125VAC (60W lightbulb)
    Relay resistance: 100 mΩ max
    3.5V to 5.5V operating voltage (on servo pigtail)
    30mA typical draw from receiver

    Note: PicoSwitch has a maximum voltage rating of 125VAC, meaking it unsuitable for toggling 220VAC applications.
    Diagrams: PicoSwitch example diagram.jpg
    Dimensions: 0.75" x 0.62" x 0.62"
    20mm x 16mm x 16mm
    12 inch servo pigtail
    Applications: Control of lighting systems on RC planes, boats, cars.
    Control of digital cameras in aerial photography.
    Control of auxiliary weapons in RC combat tournaments.
    Control of low power home lighting systems.
    Control of nearly any low powered application that can be toggled with a switch.
    Example projects: Using PicoSwitch to control christmas lights
    Using PicoSwitch to control a digital camera
    Using PicoSwitch to control sound effects

    Skulltronix uses PicoSwitch to turn off servo power between animation routines