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Item #: PX-28962
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Price: $299.00


  • Powerful 12 VDC motors provide plenty of torque
  • Precision machined 6061 aluminum hardware
  • Conveniently positioned screw holes make mounting this kit a breeze.
  • Rugged pneumatic tires are well-suited for a variety of terrains
  • 5V supply required for Position Controllers
  • 36 encoder positions per revolution; approx 0.5 inch resolution with 6" diameter wheel
  • Compatible with any microcontroller
  • Single I/O line can control up to 4 Position Controllers
  • Strong but light - only 3.2 lbs (1.45 kg) per wheel assembly (kit contains two)
  • Finally your robot can have the mobility and style it deserves! With the Motor Mount and Wheel Kit, powerful 12 VDC motors are combined with precisely machined aluminum hardware to provide the power, strength, and beauty demanded by your mid-sized robot. All custom parts are CNC machined at Parallax headquarters in Rocklin, CA. The mounting block makes securing this kit a breeze; and the included 6 inch (15.3 cm) pneumatic rubber tires are durable enough to handle a variety of smooth or rugged terrains without hesitation. The included Position Controllers use a quadrature encoder system to reliably track the position and speed of each wheel and report the data on demand.

    This kit works great with the Parallax Caster Wheel Kit and a pair of HB-25 Motor Controllers. The HB-25 Motor Controller can be controlled directly from the Position Controller making control that much simpler.

    It’s time for your robot to strut its stuff with plenty of power and enough style to make other robots jealous!

    Kit Contents:

    • Right and Left hand 12 VDC motors
    • Knobby rubber tires and tubes (qty. 2 each)
    • Machined aluminum wheels, axles and bearing blocks (qty. 2 each)
    • Position Controller Assemblies (qty. 2) - each includes a PCB, encoder disk, 3-pin connection cable and mounting screws
    • All required hardware for kit assembly (screw drivers and other tools not included)

    Key Specifications:

    • ~95 RPM @ 12.0 VDC, no load
    • ~85 in-lbs per motor assembly
    • Weight = 2.8 lbs (1.27 kg) per assembly, 5.6 lbs (2.54 kg) per set
    • Voltage requirements: 12 VDC nominal
    • Current requirements: 2.5 - 8.0+ amps (depending on terrain and load)
    • 60 lb payload capacity
    • Communication: Dual - Quadrature Encoder outputs (four 5.0 volt tolerant inputs required)
    • Operating temperature range: +32 to +120 °F (0  to +49 °C)

    Note: Assembly required.