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    Anyone who has ever worked with a bread board can tell you that the wiring can get very complicated very quickly. Keeping your wires color coded and solidly connected to your board can mean the difference between a sucessful circuit and having to tear everything down ans start from scratch. That's where the Breadboard Jumper Wire Pack comes in.

    These wires come in an assortment of colors and lengths and are designed for use with breadboards. The insulated wire is stranded, making it extremly flexible, but on each end, a solid core piece has been soldered on. The connection has then been capped with a plastic fitting that makes it very easy to position your wire and make sure you have a solid connection with your breadboard. You'll never have to worry about stripping prototyping wire 'just right' again.


    • 70 cables in each pack
    • 4 different lengths (200mm,165mm,125mm and 80mm)