Item #: RC4WD-Z-E0011
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Price: $39.95

    Does your robot need to scale buildings or rappel down cliffs? Is your robot Batman? RoboWinch is the answer for you!

    Great for quirky projects where you need to work a pully system, lift, lower, or drag something around. This tiny RoboWinch packs a punch with muscle enough to lift 3.3 pounds. Plugs right in to a standard 3pin servo port and can be controlled via PWM similar to a continuous rotation servo. There is also a manual potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity/acceleration of the winch.

    Includes spare motor!
    • Brushed Motor and ESC
    • Steel King Kong hook
    • Steel cable with Teflon coating
    • Steel alloy housing
    • Suggested pull rate: 1.5KG (3.3lbs)
    • Max pull rate: 2KG (4.4lbs)
    • Powder coated gun metal color