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    Check out the latest version of the Grove Sensor Shield! This shield sports a simplified design and additional I2C ports

    The Grove base shield will allow you to easily connect Grove sensor and output modules to your Arduino or Arduino compatible board. Just connect the Grove Sensor Shield to your Arduino and use a Grove Universal Cable to connect the shield to one of our many Grove Modules.

    The Grove systemuses 4-pin 2mm header. This allows for up to two digital or analog per cable, enabling you to daisy chain certain sensor modules and standardize your 4-pin I2C/SPI/UART connections. Still want to use 3-pin 0.1" modules? No problem! We stock a variety of cables that allow users to mix and match between the two styles.

    Note: Arduino Digital Pins 1 and 9-13 and analog 5/6 are not avaialble through primary grove port connections. DIO 1, 9 and analog 5 are available through secondary grove port.