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    This product is discontinued and no longer available, if you're in need of something to controll DYNAMIXEL Servos we offer the U2D2.

    The Xevelabs USB2AX v3.2a USB to TTL Dynamixel Servo Interface is diminutive in size, but talks a big game with any device utilizing a half-duplex TTL interface 3-pin connector using the Dynamixel Protocol! The USB2AX works as a serial device, receiving messages from your PC via USB, and transmitting the data over to the DYNAMIXEL chain. You can send and read data to/from DYNAMIXEL servos just like you would with a microcontroller.

    Often a USB2DYNAMIXEL adapter would be used to connect a PC to a DYNAMIXEL chain, but at just under 4cm in length, the USB2AX is a much more compact solution. The USB2AX also offers lower latency and more software features than the USB2DYNAMIXEL. If you want to use a small single board computer like the Raspberry Pi to control your DYNAMIXEL based robot, the USB2AX is the board for you.

    Xevelabs has a plethora of documentation to get you started with the USB2AX in no time at all. The USB2AX is an Open Source project,allowing you to reprogram, hack, and configure the hardware and software as you deem fit.

    USB2AX Can communicate with:

    While it is incredibly useful, the USB2AX does not have a 4-pin connector for communication with Dynamixel Servos utilizing the RS485 interface. It cannot control hobby/RC servos and It does not have an RS232 port. It cannot supply power to the servos, you should pair it with a 6 Port AX/MX Power Hub. It is also not a generic USB to Serial interface and has different capabilities than the Robotis LN-101 though similar in form factor. The USB2AX is not a standalone device and requires a USB enabled computer to function.

    Projects using the USB2AX: