Item #: KIT-USB2AX
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    The USB2AX AX/MX Servo Manager Kit allows you to connect with your AX/MX Dynamixel servos utilizing a half-duplex TTL interface 3-pin connector! The USB2AX works as a serial device, receiving messages from your PC via USB, and transmitting the data over to the DYNAMIXEL chain. You can send and read data to/from DYNAMIXEL servos just like you would with a microcontroller. This kit is very similar to the Dynamixel Servo Manager Kit, however, it does not have a 4-pin connector for communication with Dynamixel Servos utilizing the RS485 interface, and it is open source, allowing you to reprogram, hack, and configure the hardware and software as you deem fit!

    Xevelabs has a plethora of documentation to get you started with the USB2AX in no time at all.

    Kit Includes:


    • Configure & ID Dynamixels
    • Set Baudrates
    • Update Firmware
    • Dynamixel Recovery Options
    • Power Supply & Interface included
    • 6 Port Hub + 10-pack of cables
    USB2AX Can communicate with:
    • Windows/Linux/Mac compatible
    • Compatible with RoboPlus, Dynamixel SDK, ROS, Python, C/C++/C#, Visual Basic, Java, Labview, Matlab, etc.
    • Communicates with AX and MX Dynamixel servos using TTL (3-pin) interface
    • Up to 1Mbps communication speed
    • ESD and Short Circuit Protection
    • Optimized latency
    • USB2AX is tiny at 16mm x 36mm
    • Open Source Hardware and Software