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    The WidowX Pan Tilt kit is a mid level pan tilt kit using the wildly popular MX-28 DYNAMIXEL smart servos. With a resolution of 0.088°, rotation range of 360°, stall torque of 25.5 kg·cm, and speed of 55rpm you get tremendous resolution with strong torque.

    This Pan Tilt Kit provides the raw servos, brackets, and cables needed to build a Pan Tilt turret. (If you need a kit with a controller solution check out the WidowX RoboTurret.) The standoffs are on a 5cm x 5cm pattern which can be mounted directly to your project, we recommend a larger base when mounting heavier loads on the Pan Tilt. The bottom servo can also be mounted to projects using many of the various DYMANIXEL brackets available.

    The MX-28 WidowX Pan Tilt has many controller options:

    MX-28 Stats
    Operating Voltage 14.8V 12V
    Stall Torque 31.6 kg·cm
    439 oz·in
    3.1 N.m
    25.5 kg·cm
    354 oz·in
    2.5 N.m
    No-load Speed 67 RPM 55 RPM
    Resolution 0.088°
    Operating Angle 360°
    • WidowX Robot Turret Overview - This is the overview for the WidowX Robot Turret. It uses the same servos and similar assembly as the Pan Tilt Kit, and can be a good reference guide.