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    The Wii Classic Pro Controller was designed to be used with the Nintendo Wii gaming system but it also works great for robotics projects! It has a whole lot of buttons and a simple communication protocol. It fits great in the hand and is very well designed. The only challenge you'll usually face is connecting the controller to your Arduino or other microcontroller project. Fortunately, we've eliminated that problem with our RobotGeek Wii Adapter. You can purchase the controller and adapter separately or here together for a discount.

    • 11 push buttons
    • 2 dual-axis joysticks
    • 1 four-way directional pad
    • 3.3 V input power
    • 86 cm long cable
    • 142 g total weight

    When purchased with the adapter, it is very simple to connect your 5 or 3.3 V microcontroller to the Wii Classic Pro Controller.

    If you're using a 5V microcontroller simply connect the GND, 5V, SDA, and SCL pins on the adapter to the matching pins on your Arduino using the provided cable and plug in the Wii controller to the provided slot. This is easiest to do if you're using a shield that puts the I2C pins together such as our RobotGeek Sensor Shield Otherwise, you may need to use a few jumper cables.

    If you're using a 3.3V microcontroller, you'll need to bypass the 5V to 3.3V logic level converter by soldering header pins into the provided holes. You won't be able to send 3.3V Arduino signals correctly through the logic converter.

    Note: When connecting the adapter board to the Wii controller, the 3 pad side of the adapter board connects to the 2 pin side of the controller. While this is somewhat counter-intuitive, there isn't any risk of damaging your equipment by reversing the connector. See the photo above for the correct orientation.