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Price: $58.40 Special Order


    Software Features

    Hardware Features

    Gear set for Dynamixel XH430/XM430 – Gear Ratio: 210 : 1

    Can be replaced directly when existing gears are worn out.

    Made with metal and specially coated to strengthen endurance and durability of abrasion.

    Exclusive magnet for non-contact absolute encoder is attached to the wheel gear.

    Two ball bearings are included.

    Package Contents

    • 1x X430 Gear #1 (for 210)
    • 1x X430 Gear #2 (for 210)
    • 1x X430 Gear #3
    • 1x X430 Wheel Gear
    • 1x Grease
    • 1x Calibration Adaptor (for X430)
    • 2x Ball Bearing

    • Caution

      Two ball bearings are used for the wheel gears.

      The bearing of the bottom wheel gear is connected when shipped.

      When replacing the gear, assemble after connecting the top wheel gear.

      It is possible to recycle the used bearings, but it is recommended to use new ones because of the performance degradation due to abrasion, debris, etc.

      Since Dynamixel X series use non-contact magnetic encoders, you will have to calibrate to align the initial position after gear replacement.

      Use R+Manager2.0 to process the calibration along with the calibration adapter.

      These are not compatible with DX/RX/MX series.