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    The xArm 6 is a versatile, 6 degree of freedom robotic arm utilizing high-performance harmonic reducers and brushless motors to achieve a payload capacity of 5kg and repeat position accuracy of +/- 0.1mm. The xArm is an affordable automation solution for many different applications. 

    The xArm is crafted from lightweight carbon fiber making it extremely portable, the arm weighs 9.5kg (arm only). 

    xArm 6
    Degrees of Freedom 6
    Reach 700mm
    Maximum Speed 1m/s
    Working Payload 5kg
    Weight (arm only)
    Communication Protocol RS-485/ Modbus RTU

    Easy To Use

    Simply teach xArm to move and it will repeat the path without the need for any complex code. The xArm 6 can be setup with a sequence of movements by dragging and dropping blocks, the arm can be up and running within minutes.


    IP Classification IP54

    ISO Class Cleanroom 5

    I/O Ports:

    Controller: 6CI, 6CO, 2AI, 2AO

    End-Effector: 2CI, 2CO, 2AI, RS485

    Communication (Robotic Arm)

    Communication Protocol Self Defined

    Communication (Control Cabinet)

    Communication Protocol: TCP-IP/Modbus RTU

    Communication Mode: Ethernet / RS-485

    End-Effector Communication Protocol

    End Tool Communication Protocol: RS485 / Modbus RTU