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ROS Powered UGVs

AgileX offers a full line up of mobile ROS powered UGV/AGVs for industrial and research applications. These platforms come in a variety of sizes and drive options for; 4 wheel drive, omni-directional drive, Ackerman steering and tracked options with payloads of up to 150kgs. The AgileX development kits expand platform capabilities to include: autonomous driving, path planning, 3D point cloud mapping and obstacle avoidance.


Robot Operating System

ROS support enables autonomous driving development, 3D SLAM mapping & navigation as well as easy integration with additional sensors.


Controller Area Network

CAN is a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other’s applications without a host computer.

High-Quality Simulation

Gazebo offers the ability to accurately and efficiently simulate populations of robots in complex indoor and outdoor environments.

Autonomous Driving Development

Full-Stack, cost-effective autonomous driving development solution perfect for education. Supported by open source software, the Autokit provides a powerful driving sensor system seamlessly integrated into a variety of all-terrain robot chassis to adapt to both urban road and off-road environments.

Open Source ROS Packages

Open-source SDK & ROS packages provided.

Development Kits

AgileX development kits offer a fully integrated solution for robotics research and development. Equipped with a full suite of sensors, the development kits add additional support for SLAM, Navigation, Vision-based applications, GPS waypoint navigation, and obstacle avoidance. Development kits come pre-installed with Linux, ROS as well as hardware drivers.

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Robust Industrial Applications

All-terrain robots are built for outdoor applications such as agriculture management, geographic surveying, and environmental monitoring as well as indoor applications such as autonomous logistics and warehousing.

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Drive Options

Ackerman Steering

Front Two-wheel drive, Ackerman steering options for autonomous driving research and development as well as commercial robot applications such as parcel delivery and unmanned logistics.

4 Wheel Drive

Four-wheel differential drive and independent suspension for superior traction in challenging environments such as sand, rocks and light debris.


Heavy-duty performance for challenging terrain applications, tracked options are available for handling even the toughest off-road conditions.


Zero turning radius w/360-degree static steering, spin, traverse, diagonal and Ackermann steering modes.

VSLAM, Navigation & Obstacle Avoidance

AgileX mobile ROS chassis are the perfect platform for research and development in the areas of navigation and mapping. Autonomous obstacle avoidance, point to point navigation and CM-level RTK autonomous positioning are also possible.

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