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Trossen Robotics Makes THE Official Aloha Kits

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A Low-Cost Open-Source Hardware

System For Machine Learning

ML Research Kits

By Trossen Robotics
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 How Does Aloha Work? 

Aloha Kits


Everything Included

Cloud Storage, Sharing, & Computing
Download, Store, and Share Training Data. Even Offload Computing to the Cloud
Chat and Collaborate with Other Aloha Users.
Data Collection Tools
Easily Gather Training Data.
Manipulators, Stationary or Mobile Chassis, and Compute Hardware, All-In-One.
Machine Learning

Equipped with ACT++ ML Model
Developed at Stanford Specifically for Aloha.


1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Support

Preloaded Laptop
Plug-N-Play Machine Learning.
Sample Training Data

Test and Fine-Tune ACT++ Before Collecting Data with the Provided Sample Training Data.


Don't Waste Time & Money

Build Your
Own System

Aloha Machine Learning Kits

1-2 Months

1 Day

Undefined and Over Budget



Is Your Lab Missing Out on AI/ML?

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AI and machine learning jobs are second only to data analytics and data scientists for top in-demand jobs over the next two years.

Over 90 million AI/ML jobs will be added by 2025

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AI/ML is a growing priority for companies across every market sector and business size.

83% of companies name AI/ML as a top priority.
87% of companies are planning to invest in AI/ML.

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The AI and machine learning market is projected to have explosive growth over the next 10 years.

AI/ML market is projected to be over $700 billion by 2032

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Nearly every major university has or is developing AI/ML curriculum programs, degrees, and certificates.

30 universities rank top choice for AI/ML programs.

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Aloha Research Team

Tony and Zipeng are the lead researchers on the Aloha Projects.

Tony Z. Zhao

Tony Z. Zhao

PhD Student, Stanford University

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